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Director’s Message

We take this opportunity to thank our valued customers, whose continued patronage and confidence in our products inspires us to increase the simplest of services and enables us to supply value for their money. We believe in customer satisfaction by identifying their needs & converting them into quality products and providing dependable after-sales-services.

We follow a company structure that enables us to stand out in competitive businesses. Sage Herbals believe in providing with natural & organic skincare in an authentic way as they’re a part of their core values and commitment not only to human wellbeing, but also to the protection of the environment and biodiversity.

We offer private labelling, and custom formulations for your brand dealing in skincare, haircare, healthcare,  personal care& tending products. We’ve been present within the industry for last 32 years with a powerful team of skilled, experienced, trained, and dedicated professionals.

Our Mission is to manufacture high-quality herbal and natural skincare, haircare,  healthcare and personal care products, through continuous innovation, timely commitments, and target delivering outstanding values to our customers and business associates.

Quality before quantity is one in every of our core values.

Sage Herbals continuously check and improve the quality standards in the slightest degree stages of production. We develop quality formulations and take special care in choosing the ingredients that we use in them.

We strongly believe to ascertain long-term trust and relationship with clients we must specialize in providing quality products and services. We have in-house, well-equipped laboratory with qualified staff to facilitate our clients with stability studies, quality testing, and analytical testing of the products.

We offer a whole range of services under one roof no matter the amount. Our manufactory consists of the newest machinery with an eco-friendly and hygienic work environment.

All safety measures are taken in the least times for the products being manufactured further as our staff who dedicatedly puts their heart and energy within the production. Everything from the proper machinery to technical know-how is ensured to acquire and manufacture quality products.

Our Vision is to become one among the leading world-class cosmetic manufacturing company, thriving for our customer’s success together with our company growth.