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Quality Policy

Ayurveda is the study of life. Ayur is life and Ved means to know.

According to Ayurveda, life or existence isn’t a rigid compartment, but a harmonious flow. Even the five elements (earth, water, air, ether, and fire) of which the entire universe is formed, don’t seem to be tight compartments of defined objects. They flow into each other. Each of them contains the other four.

The subtlest element in us is space, which the mind is created of, and therefore the grossest is the earth element, which our bones, marrow, the skin, and therefore the structure are products of. This can be further divided into three Doshas — Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. This can be the way to grasp our physiology, its characteristics, and its reflections on the mind.

Our Quality Policy

All our products are manufactured in Sage Herbals Pvt. limited. A number one manufacturer and supplier of top-quality Ayurveda products.

An important factor for the corporate is its product quality. Sage Herbals has access to tremendous knowledge of the entire area of Ayurveda. During production tradition meets modernity: On the one hand, the first and authentic formulas of Sage herbals are the idea of the performance of the products, while on the opposite the state-of-the-art facilities and standardized and authorized production procedures ensure consistently top quality.

Traditional Production

We base the manufacture of our products on centuries-old formulas, and produce them in line with the customarily elaborate classical rules so as to unfold the complete potential of Ayurveda knowledge.

Best Raw Materials

Specially trained pickers harvest our herbs at the perfect time. Only raw materials that meet our high standards – with relevance purity, maturity, or potency – are used.

No Lazy Compromises

If important raw materials don't seem to be available, or are only of lower quality, we decide to not manufacture products, rather than accept less-than-ideal quality.

Environmental Protection

Ayurveda is the science of longevity, which also implies that we protect nature, the health of our employees, and our customers. Where possible we grow our plants on our own land under certified organic cultivation. Rare plants are selectively cultivated to shield species diversity.

Organic Products

An outsized proportion of our products is out there as organic kind.

Controlled Natural Cosmetics

Since our foundation 31 years ago we target a natural manufacturing path of HealthCare products and cosmetics products. We follow all standards along with Cosmetic GMP, ISO 2001. During this process, we combine traditional Ayurveda knowledge with modern standards. Our natural cosmetics exclusively contain high-quality, natural oils with no synthetic coloring or fragrances.

Our Claim

For anyone who wants to measure a healthy life and trusts in the purity of nature, Sage Herbals may be a reliable companion for holistic health and natural equilibrium. We use the millennia-old knowledge of the Ayurveda health system
authentically to develop, produce and provide the simplest Ayurveda products for contemporary life.

Cultivation & Harvesting

Most of the plants and herbs are grown on our own land with sustainable cultivation and are harvested at the time after they are most potent. The effectiveness of a plant varies greatly consistent with the season, the cycles of the moon, and also the time of day when it had been harvested. Raw materials that within the opinion of our experts don't meet the mandatory quality requirements in terms of purity, maturity, or potency, don't seem to be used.

Quality Assurance

We develop organizational excellence and quality awareness through innovation, training, validations, and the development of customer and employee satisfaction programs. Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world-class products and customer services.

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