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  • Late Dr. P. N. Behl enjoyed a distinguished position among leading physicians in India. He was a world renowned dermatologist:
  • Founded by Late Prof. Dr.P.N.Behl in the year 1990 has the distinguish recognition of being the father of “Indian Dermatosurgery” and a world renowned dermatologist.
  • He was a visionary and was responsible for researching and developing many first’s in natural herbal medicine and holistic sciences.
  • He was always involved in teaching , research work, writing , farming , and missionary work. He dedicated himself for improving all round life of people.
    Positions held by him:

  • Head of the department of dermatology Maulana azad medical college
  • Head of the department of dermatology L.N.J.P.N hospital N.Delhi.
  • Visiting professor Lady Harding medical college and college of nursing.
  • Visiting professor Jawahar Lal Nehru occupational therapy institute.
  • He authored 13 books and over 300 articles of national and international repute addressing important medical , scientific , and social problems.