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R & D (Research & Development)

Sage Herbals Pvt Ltd R&D Lab

We have been involved with the research, development, and commercialization of herbal healthcare & cosmetic products. Our aim is to conceptualize supported Ayurveda integration with modern scientific techniques.

The R&D unit incorporates a team of doctors, scientists, and experts from Ayurveda, Botany, Pharmacognosy, Biotechnology, biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Phyto-Chemistry, Herbal Drug Discovery, Dermatology, etc.

What We Do

Sage Herbals works, grows and establishes itself with the assistance of the research and development department. It’s said that R & D is that the brain and backbone of the corporate. Within the era of accelerating quality and efficacy consciousness amongst consumers and market competition, we believe that we want to further strengthen the present products using an innovative approach together with new developments.

It is involved in multifarious activities referring to research within the field of Ayurveda, herbal pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, phytochemicals and Cosmetic Development using modern science and technology tactics to take care of efficacy, and safety additionally as without diluting the Ayurveda principles and keeping a holistic approach on new development.

It is creative work undertaken on a scientific basis so as to extend the stock of data including the rummage around for new molecules, synthesis, and modification of known molecules, or some methods to significantly increase the potency of a drug, production rate, and cost-cutting by adopting different techniques.Sage Herbals made considerable efforts within the adaptation and assimilation of technologies to satisfy current days & requirements.

Sage Herbal has identified R&D because the major area of focus for growth plans within the future. As per the present trends, the complete world is looking toward Ayurveda. We believe that Ayurveda offers unique solutions to the health problems faced by today’s fast-changing world.

R&D at Sage Herbals Pvt Ltd. is well equipped and is engaged in various research activities spanning all the areas of Ayurveda research.

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