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Sage Aloevera & Vitamin E Moisturising Lotion
Repair skin with natural intensive care
Sage Moisturizing Lotion as Advance formula with butter hydrates
soften heals dry skin especially for hands, Face, Elbows and Knees that requires intensive moisturising.
• Prevent dry & damage skin
• Soft & Supple skin
• All day moisturising effect in to skin
• Improve elasticity of skin

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Key ingredients:

Aloe Vera : known for its many healing properties, is rich in polysaccharides and nutrients which exhibit antibacterial and antifungal action. It’s hydrating, softening and intense moisturizing properties nourish the skin and keep it soft and supple all day.
Almond Oil : Effective emollient leaves the skin soft, smooth & conditioned. Good nourishing & revitalizing effect (penetrates the skin well), moisturizer & lubricant, ideal for irritated and blemished skin.
Olive Oil : Rich in vitamin E and A, olive oil helps prolong youth, hydrates the skin, maintains its elasticity and softness. Also, olive oil helps skin cells to regenerate.
Coco butter : It has a smooth texture and has excellent emollient properties making it ideal for skin care products to prevent skin dryness and to moisturize the skin and improve elasticity.
Shea Butter :
It is rich in fats that make it an excellent emollient and skin moisturizing agent. Experiments also showed that it has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. These can help reduce inflammatory skin diseases and the damage the skin and hair have undergone due to free radicals.
Vitamin E: It has a Property in epidermal protection from oxidative stress.

Directions for use:
Apply Sage Moisturising lotion on your body part & leave it to absorb.
Sage Moisturising Lotion is dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic, free of mineral oils and parabens, and hypoallergenic.
Pack size: 100ml


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