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Key Ingredients: Vetiveria zizaniodes The essential oil derived from Vetiver Grass contains more than 100 compounds such as – benzoic acid, vetivene, valerenol, alpha and beta vetivone, valencene etc. The following medicinal actions are associated with Vetiver Grass – Analgesic, muscle relaxant and skin tonic. The herb is used in ayurvedic science and also in aromatherapy to solve medical issue.

Direction for use:

Adult: 10 ml – 20 ml twice to thrice daily with water or cold milk.

Children: 10 ml -15 ml thrice daily with water or cold milk.
Culinary Uses
• Khus syrup when added to chilled water makes for a refreshing drink.
• Milkshakes and ice creams taste better with a generously serving of khus syrup.
• Khus lime soda can be made with the addition of soda, ice cubes and lime juice
• You could create a twist on mocktails like the Shirley Temple, by mixing khus syrup with lime juice in a tall glass and pouring Canada Dry over it. Garnish with a slice of lime or with a wedge of cherry.
• Use this syrup as a topping on bland desserts.
How to Store
• Until the seal is broken, store the unopened bottle in a cool, dry place at room temperature
• After breaking the seal, refrigerate the product to extend its shelf life. 
• Since syrups contains a high amount of sugar, it acts as a preservative and ensures that the product has a long shelf life.

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Sage Rooh-E-Usheer Beat the heat

We have carved a distinct niche for ourselves in this domain by offering unique range of superior quality Khus Syrup to our renowned customers. These products are manufactured using the most superior quality ingredients which are sourced from the most reliable vendors of the market. Our range of these products is in huge demand across the globe and is widely appreciated by our clients in the leading market sectors. Moreover, the products offered by us are made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of health as well wealth.


Control senses of heat & Prevent Dermatological disorder.

Khus syrup is healthy drink which acts as natural refrigerant in the body.

Tonic for glowing and blemish free skin.

Useful in diseases as Urticaria, Pruritus and Rosacea .


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