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Sage Hair Revitaliser

Enrich hair oil will help you revitalize hair and additionally make it more glossy and irresistible to touch. All natural ingredients including natural extracts and oils are used for making the oil.

  • Ideal concentration of Ayurvedic Herbs which helps in controlling all your hair problems.
  • 6 herbs for controlling hair fall, 2 herbs for stress control, 3 herbs for Dandruff control, 2 Anti-Grey herbs.
  • No chemical colors added.
  • Prepared by the method which ensures all BIOACTIVES


Key Ingredients

  1. Bhringraj: A massage unit of Bhringraj oil decrease the treatment of propblems related to scalp ,strengthens the root of hair and improves the general hair conditions.It helps to improve circulation of blood in the Scalp.The Improves the supply of oxygen to the tissue and cells and helps in the removal of toxins.
  2. Amla : Stimulates the hair growth.Amla traditionally believed to nourish the hair the scaly and prevent premature greying.Controls hair fall,dandruff and other fungal infection.Amla has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties that can help in maintaining healthy hair .Other studies conclude that topically applied amla has exfoliating snd antibacterial properties and may help maintain a healthy scalp and promotes hair growth.
  3. Mehndi : Henna has been used for ages as a colouring cum conditioning agent for hair .It also has great dandruff fighting ability .Our hair revatiliser has henna as a carrier cum conditioning agent. It dispels heat ,cures neurosis and has a soothing effect and make hair shiny ,soft and healthy.
  4. Shikakai : Shikakai Provide new life to hair strands & strengthens the hair root.Shikakai works well on both of these accountc .Astringent in nature with a low pH,It creats a fanable pH balanced enviroment in scalp that’s fight dandruff and other infections.Shikakai is rich in vit C,Vit – D and other micronutrients and nourishes the hair follicles to promote hair growth.
  5. Rasaut: It Contains berberine ,quaternery ammonia compound .Berberine has antibacterial,Antifungal,antiviral and antioxidant properties.
  6. Pudina : Useful in Dermatitis,Scabies,Migraines,Itching and mirror skin irritation,to treat dandruff and head lice.
  7. Brahmi : Bacopa contains saponin known as bacopaside.the aerial part of bacopr contains photo chemicals like wagonin,oxidine and betulinic acid .The flavonoids present in becopr include luteolinic and apigenin.It is used for transmitting the proper nutrition to hair root in hair treatment.
  8. Nillotpal: Helps in regeneration of hairs,increase micro circulation of blood on the scalp
  9. Nilnipatra: Used to make hair darker.It is Known for its hair growth promoting properties. It is anti toxic and good for hair growth.
  10. Amrabijmajja: it has various properties for hair treatment worked as ant allergic& anti-inflammatory.
  11. Til Oil: Rich in vit E, Magnesium, Copper, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and vit -B6.Prevent dryness of scalp.

How To Use : Genently massage this oil on the scalp & let it remain in the night. Massage for 15-20 minutes, then wash it in the morning with sage hair treatment shampoo.


Excessive Hair Fall


-Dry, Rough and Damaged Hair

-Split ends

-Premature greying of Hair, and

-Disturbed Sleep                                                                                                                 

 Regular usage of this scalp massage oil effectively prevents all scalps and hair related problems and significantly promotes stronger and smoother hair growth.

For external use only

Sage Hair Revitaliser is dermatological tested, non-comedogenic

, hypoallergenic.

Pack size: 90 ml


  1. Birender singh

    Good hair oil for dandruff but a bit smelly so can only be used in night. Overall a good one.

  2. Neeraj Sachdeva

    I started using your hair care products few days back. I found Shampoo and hair oil very good . I will strongly recomend your products. Thanks again.

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